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Classic snake game – What does a perfect game look like for you? Does it have convenient gameplay, numerous variations, or the potential to develop some skills? Today we break down Nokia’s classic entertainment that has it all. It’s legendary Snake, the game that stood the test of time. It is still widely played all over the world and has slews of renditions.

Out of all games, Snake is the one that evolves interest from the first moves. And the overall simplicity makes it even more enjoyable. Further, we discover how to operate the cellular serpent and when it was first released. Besides, you’ll find interesting tricks that can get your play to a whole new level.

Specifics Of The Retro Snake Game Classic

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It’s important to note that here we discuss the original snake ’97: retro phone classic. There are many variations nowadays, and you can easily find them on the web. However, the classic snake io is not just a fun activity. This is also an opportunity to relive sweet memories from your childhood. For those who forgot the rules or want to clear them up, here’s the guide.

Basically, it’s the “snake-eating apple” game. Once you press Start, everything begins with a three-square formation that moves around the screen. The field also contains a separate square representing an apple. The ophidian can only move in horizontal and vertical directions.

Whenever it devours a food cell, it adds up to the snake’s body

Whenever it devours a food cell, it adds up to the snake’s body. So the more it eats, the longer it grows. The goal is to avoid crashing into your own tail or any of the walls. Which gets harder as you move along the levels. In addition to a constant increase in size, the snakegame gains speed.

By the final level 9, it gets really high. That’s why it’s crucial to react quickly. Once there’s no more space for the reptile to grow, a player wins.

4 Best Tips And Secrets For a Snake Gamer

4 Best Tips And Secrets For a Snake Gamer

1. Use the zig-zag trajectory. This is one of the key strategies when dealing with the snake and apple. If you keep moving in such a formation, it will be easier to control the process. While zig-zagging in the game, the snake should turn right up against its body. There shouldn’t be any gaps left within. This way you can save some space for a quick move if necessary.

2. Learn to deal with sharp turns. For all snake games, it’s essential to master maneuvering. You need to be able to perform within a short distance and a small area. Accurate moves right against the obstacle may save your life in the snake arcade. For that reason, we recommend that you work on this skill.

3. Show some patience. Grabbing the apples as soon as they appear may look like a good option. However, it’s better to position the serpent’s body conveniently first. It shouldn’t create additional obstacles in your way. Remember, there’s only one life given to a player in the Nokia snake game! Don’t rush, take your time to maneuver properly and apply strategic moves.

4. Stick to the walls. As you advance, your tail keeps growing with every apple making it even longer. A simple trick that can help you manage the animal is following the field’s perimeter. This strategy is highly beneficial and convenient. Most importantly, it prevents you from hitting the walls. That is, you get rid of a whole hindrance at once. Besides, the rest of the screen remains open. So it’s much easier to navigate the area of the “snake-apple” game.

The Origins

In 1976, the company named Gremlin Interactive created the arcade and entitled it Blockage

Before finding a mass audience through Nokia, the old snake game was just a concept. In 1976, the company named Gremlin Interactive created the arcade and entitled it Blockage. It looked like many classic arcade browser games we see nowadays. But it was monochromatic and required two players. Players had to press arrows to move their characters. And they would leave a trail behind after each turn. To win, it was necessary to last as long as possible without crashing into anything.

The game inspired quite a few iterations released as a video and computer-based version. The landmark variation of the snake classic game emerged in 1997. At first, it was published for the 6110 models of Nokia phones. They were the company’s earliest devices with a monochrome design. Programmed and implemented by Taneli Armanto, the snake video game became a success. It has since spawned a totally new category of web games.

As Taneli revealed later, his team had a choice. They could pick another game to transform into the mobile sphere. Tetris was considered an option, too. However, there were some issues regarding copyright. Meanwhile, the classic retro snake was simple enough. In addition, it didn’t take up a lot of space. The game looked interesting and allowed full control by means of minimal keys. On top of that, it was ready to be built and implemented from scratch. So the choice of programmers was obvious and they went for it.

How Does It End?

Despite players’ expectations, there are no congratulations for those who make it to the end. Once you get to the point there’s no free space, the game simply ends. And you start all over again. However, it may vary depending on the phone’s model. In some renditions, the ophidian stops growing right before the final apple is eaten. So the players can keep earning high scores infinitely or until they get bored.

If you play classicgames similar to that on modern devices, the ending also may differ. Therefore, there is no single finale for the snake unblocked out there.

World Record Of The Old Nokia Gam

Being highly addictive and trendy, the snake io unblocked has numerous fans in many countries. Some of them invest quite a lot of time into playing to beat the scores. But the rating system varies in different versions. People can playclassicgames based on the Nokia snake’s platform and get distinct results.

As for the original rendition, the highest point on level one equals 312. On the last level 9, you can get the maximum of 2008 points. There are loads of players who reached the end. Therefore, they all set this record in the snake game classic unblocked.

Google’s Contribution

In 2019, the corporation prepared a small April Fool’s present for all users. The snake game on Google Maps offered to explore new cities! It is possible to pick from various locations and discover them. Players can visit famous places and collect tourists while growing their transport. Unlike many other classic snake games, this variation is not just funny, but also educational.

Besides, Google allows users to play classic games online for free situated in their store. The Google Snake Game is also there. However, it slightly differs from what you could play on your old Nokia. The game is multicolored and offers big and small maps to choose from as a location.

Benefits of Playing

Spending time running a serpent on your phone has many positive outcomes. What are they? See below.

1. If you play this game emulator online on a regular basis, it improves your reaction. Besides, all players automatically develop their hand-eye coordination. Obviously, the reason for that is the need to act fast and prevent crashing.

2. Another benefit of training in the snake game classic online is stress release. You distract from your daily routine and all mundane problems. The process activates endorphins in your body and, ultimately, you feel more relaxed. What a great way to end the day!

3. Next, you can use it to build the valuable habit of regular practice. It’s an essential aspect of mastering any skill. Once you get it, all new long-term projects will be a piece of cake!

4. The game increases one’s ability to focus and be productive. It is necessary to stay concentrated on the process as you play. Otherwise, everything will end quickly.

5. Pattern recognition grows. The Snake is all about patterns and ways to manipulate them. It teaches us to decipher them and understand how they function in general.

6. In the process, players improve their intuition. At higher levels, there’s not much time left to think ahead of every turn. For that reason, oftentimes, we make a quick decision subconsciously. And it works! That’s called intuition and it can be trained. Be perceptive and let yourself loose.

7. The game requires a certain degree of engagement. Stimulating it regularly in play makes it easier to activate the habit in the learning process. The skill is particularly important and helpful for children.

8. The Snake activates brain functionality. The game’s moves require instant response to avoid a potential collision. Accuracy and quick thinking are necessary. While playing, you can see the serpent’s direction and act in accordance with that. Thanks to that, the brain learns to respond to various activities at its optimal level.

9. The game evolves the creativity boost. It’s completely up to you to choose the direction for your snake. Just do your best to avoid hitting the obstacles. And that’s when players can become really creative.


Nowadays, thousands of people around the world enjoy the snake game online. Don’t think twice and join the company!

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