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Color Snake – Its plot, graphics, and controls are extremely simple, not to say elementary. But it seems impossible to stop once you launch it. We’re talking about the Color Snake game. Despite its uncomplicated gameplay, many users find it highly addictive.

It’s like a character from those snake color pages for children turned alive. And now it’s a dynamic and exciting entertainment with many amazing features! The colorful cute snakes may be just what you need after a long tiresome workday.

Description of the Color Snake

The title combines features of a snake color page and a lively Snake arcade. The location is filled with geometric forms of various shapes and colors. The latter quality is the key to proceeding with the game successfully. In the beginning, the small serpent passes a blinking line. It defines what color you should pick when crashing into objects.

For example, if you get coral snake coloring, hit coral shapes only. Otherwise, you lose. That works until you go through the next line. After that, the snake will change color again.

Color Snake - Play Free Online Game at snakegames.onlineThe tricky task of moving through obstacles at a decent speed isn’t all. The location also contains numerous stars players can collect and exchange for an extra life. But there is a problem. There are more of them scattered on the map that one can physically pick up. The temptation of getting them all is often the reason for ending the game early.

In order to initiate the process, you need to click on the screen. The snake will begin to move right away. Use the right and left arrow keys to control the turns. You can’t increase the speed of your character whenever you want. However, it’s possible to move faster for a while using power-ups appearing along the way. As you go through them, the snake also acquires immunity.

The WASD key set is all you need in this arcade-style activityIt means that you can relax a bit and ignore the colors. Just break them all and pass through at a quicker pace. But be careful since this superpower only lasts for 5-10 seconds.


What color are snakes at the startWhat color are snakes at the start? It depends on the version you play. But in any case, they all pass a special line. So you deal with the snake changing color many times during the game.

Speaking of different coloured snakes, there are quite a few variations out there. There’s a version that’s similar to the Snake game we all know thanks to Nokia. If you remember, it offered players to eat apples and grow in size. The same is here with one exception. You should compare the color of the snake to the color of each collected item. And pick the ones matching yours. Besides, the area where you crawl around isn’t closed. It’s more of a dynamic pathway that moves along in the process.

However, you can also find a version that practically copies the original title of 1997. The rainbow snake game online just provides a different skin for the ophidian. It glows beautifully as you move around devouring apples. This is the most colorful snake we found so far. Besides, the developers painted the walls green. The rules remain the same.

The ball snake game is also an interesting title involving the animal. In this case, you deal with a variant of Zuma which is a classic title. The snake with different colors in its body slowly moves toward the frog. Meanwhile, you have to eliminate the marbles by grouping three or more same-colored ones. The game is available to launch on Android and has over 50 various levels. They don’t just vary in difficulty, but also in the trajectory of different color snakes. So it will take you a decent amount of time to finish them all!

With all that said, the main point of all variations is the colors of snakes. Catchy looks are the essential aspect that adds to the addictive nature of the arcade.


A question may occur if you’ve been playing fun color snakes for a while. Is there an end to the Snake game? What’s interesting, it doesn’t have any finals. The endless snake game makes you infinitely try and beat the scores. All you need to care about is taking full control of your serpent. Just make turns at the right moment and play for hours!

World record

The first color-changing snake appeared around 2018. A lot of game developers have released their variations since then. And each one has its own rating system. So it’s hard to define an absolute champion when it comes to these colorful snakes.

However, there’s a recommendation for those who want to bring an air of competition. Try and beat your own scores or play with friends. Or else, you can select a particular version and find a community of fellow players.

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Why it’s worth playing

Why it’s worth playing1. While it may seem too basic, many users actually enjoy the simplicity of the arcade. There are no levels to it, the process doesn’t get harder or easier. You don’t hear any annoying music in the background. No constant updates are required if you use a mobile app. Running these bright colored snakes is a perfect option to have some rest in the evening. Compared to some riddles or tactical titles, here you don’t have to think a lot. Intuitive controls, a clear goal, and comprehensive rules are enough for a great gaming experience.

2. Despite the simplicity explained in the previous point, the game doesn’t make you bored. The process is based on a continuous process full of action. So you don’t note the time while playing it. Extremely fun and addictive!

3. Appreciate the beauty of the snake game. Red apples, green borders, and a blue serpent altogether build a nice high-contrast look. The color of snake attributes may be different, but they inevitably result in eye-pleasing visuals.

4. Another aspect of the arcade’s graphics is its exaggerated and unrealistic brightness. This isn’t a regular serpent you may see in real life like some corn snake. Colors are super vibrant and attractive making the visuals the best element of the title. Even if we take brighter species like a copper colored snake or a coral snake. Colors in the game still look better, especially if you use a proper screen.

5. Have you ever thought it can boost your mental skills? It actually can! Since you have to make quick turns, your ability to react on time grows. Besides, the player should be focused on the process. Therefore, the game develops concentration.

6. It teaches us to prioritize. Sometimes you see a star glowing on the left. But there’s only time to turn right. And you choose to miss the item for the sake of staying alive. That’s a helpful skill everyone can successfully apply in real life. And it’s never too late to work on that. However, for children, it comes as a double benefit as they learn everything quickly.

7. It’s free to play. There’s no need to pay for it on a monthly basis or even once. Just download it on your device or launch using a browser.

8. It’s suitable for children. Whatever aspect of the game you take, it’s good for kids, too. Bright and beautiful looks? For small gamers, it’s even more enjoyable! Even very cute snake coloring pages can never replace this challenging and entertaining activity. Developing mental abilities? Obviously, it’s good for young Snake fans.

Tips and tricks

Whenever you decide to spend some time enjoying cool snake colors, do it efficiently. Don’t do several things at a time. Eating snacks, watching a movie, and playing at the same time may shorten your game.

Also, in order to succeed it’s helpful to focus on the color you can touch. For instance, when running a snake of a coral color, stay concentrated on coral objects. Withdraw the rest of the colors and notice the items in red tones only. That’s how a single-minded attitude works.


Maneuvering around with colored snakes is amusing, exciting, and beneficial for your brain. Don’t miss the opportunity to entertain yourself and have a go at this amazing title!

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