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Google Snake Game – The gaming industry keeps generating a lot of great video adventures. Some of them are more than amazing! Based on top-notch technologies, they’re realistic and grip attention with engaging stories.

However, there is something special about old-school pixelated adventures: they’re still popular! Titles like the classic snake game were among the first to launch in the industry. But while some toys get improved into modern realistic masterpieces, the ancient snake arcade and others stay. Most of these challenges get hundreds of remastered versions! Both by big-name companies and unknown developers.

We’ll explore Google Doodle Snake:

  • Basic mechanics
  • Tips to succeed
  • Modes to take the process to the next level

And, of course, we’ll mention other popular incarnations of the serpent-based challenge!

Briefly About The Origins

The old snake game was invented in 1976 with the release of Blockade

The old snake game was invented in 1976 with the release of Blockade. Designed for bulky arcade machines, it actually never mentioned a serpent. 2 players roamed the same field, moving in 4 directions and collecting green dots. If one of them bumped into something, the other side would win.

The mechanics were so simple and addictive that developers couldn’t go past them. Many other versions were created. But the genre got a viral spread once it was designed for Nokia phones. By buying a new device, you would automatically get hard-to-resist entertainment. This was the time when the title’s audience became globally widespread.

No wonder Google was inspired by the genre to even pick it for its 2017 anniversary. The gaming Snake has more colors than its predecessor. But it preserves the foundation: simple mechanics and a challenging task.

2 years later, the company reintroduced the adventure again. Now it’s possible to enjoy the Snake game on Google Maps! It can boast about having nice animations, new features, and a less conventional outlook. Scroll down to learn more about these digital creations.

Google Snake Apple Gameplay – Basics for Beginners

Google Snake Game

If you’re that rare person who has never played a snake-eating game, you’ll catch everything quickly. In the 2017 adventure, you become a vegan serpent that loves apples. Tap arrows to choose the direction and lead the animal to its food. When you approach the red fruit, the creature sticks out its tongue and opens its mouth. The munching animation is cute!

But this apple snake doesn’t have to be implemented in such a traditional way. Google has experimented with the form and slightly changed the outlook. Instead of an animal, you’ll enjoy trains and buses! They drive over the maps, pick up passengers and become longer.

Whatever version you dive into, there is only 1 goal and 2 limitations.

Grow as long as you can, occupying as much space on the screen as possible:

  • Don’t touch borders: it’ll throw you out from the round
  • Never bump into your own body/carcass: maneuver to keep playing

The idea is to navigate through the area, gliding over free spaces. A grid in the background (tiny squares) helps you understand which line you’re on.

The round is launched when you tap one of the arrows. As for the version with maps, pick a location and then activate the control buttons.

Google Games – The 4 Best Snake Tips

Google Games - Snake Tips

Victory is hard to achieve. When you’re as big as the space allows it, you win. However, very few players get there. Most of us stumble soon by making a mistake and colliding with our own tail. Are there any strategies to stick to for better results? We’ve summarized them into 4 short guidelines.

Rule 1: Keep Training

No matter how many instructions you read, you need to practice. Learn how it feels to play the Snake game by Google. Concentrate on the mechanics. Try to figure out successful strategies on your own. And enjoy the challenge!

Rule 2: Take It Slow

You will often find yourself in a difficult situation that will tempt you to risk. For example, heading to the treat in a dangerous position. You’ll hope to make an impossible maneuver. But in most cases, the Google Snake game will trick you. The collision is harrowing when you’ve already grown significantly.

Rule 3: Edges Come First

Just look in the future: what will your creature do when it’s gigantic? It’ll take more space, which guarantees you high scores. However, you can perform better if you also cover the grid near the borders. For this, lead the serpent there on purpose when you’re only beginning to grow.

Rule 4: Modify Your Movement Pattern

Another strategy to avoid hitting a Google snake’s body is to be aware of where you go. Don’t rush to your destination the moment you see it. Instead, think about how you’ll come back or whether it’s a trap or not. Zig-zag patterns have proven to be the most efficient.

Google Maps Snake Game – Places

Google Maps Snake Game - Places

The version with maps contains 7 locations available in the menu. For instance, Sydney, Tokyo, Cairo, etc. They’re stylistically identical. You’ll see blue water as rivers, lakes, or seas. Various hues of green are used to color land. Everything is a bit pixelated.

The transport depends on the city. You’ll drive either a train (e.g., Sao Paulo) or a bus (e.g., London). Instead of treats, pick up passengers who are also unique. You’ll see clear distinctions between men and women and different clothes and items in their hands.

The version with maps contains 7 locations available in the menu

There is an additional way to earn scores. Each map offers clearly recognizable topographic details. For instance, the Thames in London. As you progress through the round, different sightseeing attractions will pop up. Such as Tower Bridge, etc. Collect them to be extra rewarded.

The 2017 Google worm adventure doesn’t have any particular locations. Just a one-colored background. But it offers lots of opportunities to customize the gaming experience. Just enter the settings and change the snake and apple (more colors and treats). As well as add new features: faster speed and dark bars.

The latter are obstacles left behind by the serpent after it eats something. Don’t touch them: they have the same effect as the borders or your body. It means that it’ll finish the round, with you losing. But the good news is that they are temporary. They’ll slowly disappear while you keep collecting food.

Google Snake Mods Menu Options

If you’re bored with the adventure because everything seems familiar, take it to the next level! Try various mods to improve the experience, make the challenge more difficult and have fun. Here are only a few examples of playsnake changes:

Mod menu – No Borders

Imagine a vast space with no edges to stop you. Your creature can keep on moving in one direction as long as you want it! It’ll significantly reduce the chances of hitting borders. You can call it an endless mode.

Mod menu – More Space

If no borders seem too easy, try to just increase the area. This won’t take away the challenge when navigating the snake in the game. You can make it only a bit larger for comfortable growth and playing.

Mod menu – Mouse Control

Forget about arrows! With the mouse, you can glide in any direction, including diagonally! This mode completely alters the mechanics and makes the snake game by Google interesting to explore.

Mod menu – Tracking Time

It’s impossible to remember the results of your performance in the title. But you don’t have to! The adventure can keep it for you. When you need it, just watch your best time, as well as track your progress!

Mod menu – Animated Background

The snake game classic background is a bit boring. Adding any other color leaves the same feeling. But what if it was of several hues at the same time? It’s possible! Adjust how often they change and enjoy the cool disco-style performance!

Follow this link to learn how to activate these and other cool modes!

Googlesnake Ending

This genre usually offers one scenario for completing the challenge. Namely, you should occupy all cells of the grid. Since it’s very difficult, you can at least strive to outperform your previous results. Play the Snake game and do better each time you dive in!

Is it possible to achieve such a result at all? Yes, it is. A Russian player managed to beat the challenge in 13 minutes in a slightly different version. Check out the compressed 2-minute GIF here.

More Than Just Snakes Eating Apples

More Than Just Snakes and Apples

This video adventure is not just about having fun. Each time you dive in, you improve your skills. They’re important in real life:

  • Patience and dedication. Losses are victories if you treat them in the right way by learning from mistakes
  • Strategic thinking. Even without tips, you would have eventually arrived at the right tactics. Just control the snake. The game by Google makes sure you keep your head on all the time!
  • Great timing. When the treat is in the corner or other hard-to-reach places, you need precise taps. One second of hesitation or too early actions can ruin your achievements!
  • Ultimate entertainment. The fast-to-pick title is salvation in boring situations. For example, when you’re waiting for your bus, standing in a queue. Or desperately need to shake up during a tedious lesson.

Google Snake 7 More Hacks in Under 100 Seconds

Summing Up

There are many other digital toys of the same genre. They may have slight variations which makes them even more interesting. Just type in the name in the search engine to enjoy it online. If you’re bored with the creations from Google, try Snake game 2 (continuations are usually better)

In case you can’t play it anywhere you want, opt for the Snake on unblocked websites. Or turn on your VPN to bypass any restrictions.

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