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A Kind Of A Snake Game IO With The Emphasis On Land Conquering

Hexanaut.io – have you heard about a new highly competitive browser adventure? Called Hexonaut, it borrows some basic mechanics from various popular entertainment hits. For example, the Google Snake Game, in which you control a snake.

But Hex io has more cool features to improve the gameplay. Capturing territories, using towers with power-ups, making clear steps to victory… You’ll compete with other players and bots to become the best!

We’ll cover the most important things about this challenge to prepare you for the adventure. Such as mechanics, controls, and tips. Below is a short list of FAQs and answers to common questions.

Hexogon Creators

The title is fresh, it saw light early in 2022. Once it became available on various platforms, it quickly spread throughout the gaming community. It runs through a browser both on PCs and smartphones. So, if you feel like getting entertained, you can launch the fun through your gadget. All you need is an Internet connection.

The adventure was made by developers working in Exodragon. Located in France, this studio is to thank for many other addictive online toys. For instance, YoHoHo.io or Copter.io.

The name of the challenge has nothing to do with the Hexennacht or any other brand. If you play, you’ll see that the map consists of small honeycomb shapes.

Hexanaut-io: Awesome Experience Awaiting You In Matches

Hexanaut io - A Kind Of A Snake Game IO With The Emphasis On Land ConqueringSo, let’s imagine you’ve hit the Action button and entered a round. What will you see? You’ll spawn in a huge arena with lots of 6-sided tiles in the background. If they’re white, it means they’re not claimed by any players. They are free to take!

You’re a small creature with a few inches of land. Your outlook depends on the skin you pick (read about them below). At the start of the match, you get a tiny area that initially belongs to you. As you might have already guessed, the goal is to increase your dominion. Oppress all your rivals and survive in the snake io -like mayhem!

Play other online games at the site:

Moving Forward

Your character goes on automatically. If something distracts you from controls, it’ll just drive in the last direction you’ve ordered. So, it’s vital to focus on the action to avoid accidental death. Or wandering too far from the base.

There are several options available for navigating around. Arrows or WASD are used for picking 4 directions. They’re convenient enough: your character glides where you show it without glitches or anything. If you like, you can control it with a mouse. Just move the cursor, and the creature will follow there.

Gathering Of Lands

Hexanaut io - GATHERING OF LANDSHow exactly do you grow your territory? This adventure is like cool math games with snakes! You don’t look like a worm at the beginning. But if you leave your realm, you’ll leave a trail behind you. That makes you into a serpent! When you return, it disappears.

Adding areas is easy. Step into the enemies’ or unclaimed territory. Draw a shape of any form and size. And then return to your base. Everything that gets in the loop becomes yours.

ATTENTION: never cross your own tail! It’ll destroy you.

So, you won’t grow 1-hexanol at a time but rather small or big patches of them. The more you have, the faster you move! But the most efficient way of progressing is by being aggressive.

Assaulting Enemies

How will you kill your opponents if you don’t have any weapons? Use the head of your serpent for that! Bump into others’ tails to destroy them quickly. And the best part of this deed is this: all the area they’ve gathered is yours! In similar adventures, it’ll just disappear. But here it becomes part of your domain, which is rewarding and satisfying.

There are 2 things to avoid when traversing foreign territories:

  1. Letting others touch your trail
  2. Colliding with your enemy head-on (this will destroy you both)

And it’s important to repeat the following. When you control your snake, knots are not acceptable. It means that after creating a loop, you should reconnect with your base. If you touch your tail, you’re dead. It’s an embarrassing accident, especially when you’ve gained lots of lands. But it’s ok to experience something like that in your first rounds.

Cool Math-Like Games: Hexanaut Victory

Cool Math-Like Games - Hexanaut VictoryWhen is the game over? How can you win? It will require you to own 20% of the land. The indicator is located in the left upper corner. It may not seem like a lot, but the map is huge. Besides, others will constantly try to eat up your territory. So, getting even to this point won’t be easy.

And once you do, it’s not yet the end. You get the title of the King. But can you keep it for 3 minutes? It’s extremely difficult: other players will see that you’re at the edge of victory. They’ll try to prevent it from happening. The good news is that if you kill them as a King, they won’t get respawned.

Customization Opportunities And Power-Ups

How can you improve your experience in the adventure? First of all, try to switch to a snake game dark mode. There is a special button for that in the left corner of the main menu. Originally, it was all white. But some players find a black color to be more convenient.

If you want to stand out from other participants, try various skins and badges. But they’re not free. First, you dive into matches to earn some coins. You’ll need 100-300 of them to become scissors, a skull, a devil, etc. At least you can pick any color at any time: it’s available right away.

Is there anything that will help you in Hexagon i.o? The map is filled with static towers that grant you various powers in a limited space. For example, they can speed you up or slow down your enemies. Or even conquer tiles automatically! But you should capture them first. Take them in a loop if you want them to become yours.

ATTENTION: other players also want this advantage. So, they’ll target towers as well.

Sly Hacks To Trick Your Opponents

This top-down Snak io adventure is addictive! Mainly because you need skills and the right tactics to win. Here are a few pieces of advice that will boost your progress in droves:

  • Take it slow. Especially at the beginning. There would be lots of rivals around you. They’d be happy to take you down. Luckily, if no one is King, you’ll quickly revive and start anew
  • Fight for towers. They give you a real edge, such as speed or automatic tile conquering. There are lots of them, and they’re depicted on the map
  • Keep an eye on enemies. Your tail is the most vulnerable part of your character. So, be smart about adding new lands. If there are dangers, don’t venture too far. A minimap in the lower left corner will show you if your opponents are near

If you want to become better, practice. As well as learn from more experienced players. For instance, check out this neat Hexanut walkthrough. Such a beautiful victory is very satisfying even to watch.

Advantages Of Playing The Toy

The title is available through your browser. If it won’t work, you can always get this Snake Arcade unblocked in a few steps. There are several methods to do it. One of the most reliable options is VPN. Try free and paid-for alternatives to access any content you like from wherever you are.

Hexanaut.io is one of those adventures that offers fast-paced sessions and hones your skills. Such as patience, strategy thinking, etc. But its primary goal is to let you have fun competing with other players and bots.

Achieving the Highest Record

You don’t have to win 100% of the map to win. But this player managed to do something impossible! Not only did the character become King, but also took all land before the time was up. In less than 5 minutes in the match! It’s probably the coolest result so far.

What is the world record for a Snake game? The best one is created by Google. The maximum number of points to collect is 256. For example, in this video.

Other Recommended Adventures

Hexanut io is multiplayer, challenging, and quite engaging. We’re sure that if you try it, you’ll stick to it for a long time. There are rewards to gain for victories: coins allow you to experiment with skins. And huge maps are here to let you try all kinds of strategies.

However, you might feel like playing something else. We’ve already mentioned Paper.io, a hooking title with similar mechanics. If you want something different, check out snake Cool math options.

Do you still have trouble accessing titles at school? We’ve found an additional method to help you. It’ll require you to make your own Google website and add the games you like there. Check out this detailed video on how to get .io games unblocked in a few clicks.

Summing Up

If you want to try snake cool math-like adventures, use the links we have provided you with. Hexanaut i.o is definitely worth your time. Once in the round, you’ll probably think it’s too easy. And then an accident or a smart enemy will take you down. This is when you’ll feel challenged!

Enjoy snake unblocked on your phone or PC. It’ll launch on any modern browser. And have a great time!

FAQ About The Unblocked Hexanaut io Game

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