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Little Big Snake – It’s so easy to find truly engaging video adventures these days. Lots of AAA and indie developers create entertainment for any taste. However, most of them lack one particular feature. Namely, they’re short-lived and fail to retain players for long.

The Little Big Snake adventure we’re talking about is flawless in this respect. Just one round in the arena is enough to hook anyone. Taking the best elements from the io genre, it’s exactly what you need to challenge your skills.

Below you’ll find all the info you need to join the matches and get really big snakes. As well as secrets to becoming the leader among the beasts!

Little Big Snakes Creators And Origins

Little Big Snakes Creators And OriginsThe Little Big Snake game was developed by a Russian studio Neodinamika in 2018. But now it belongs to an American company that has the same name as the adventure. Among its co-owners, you’ll also find Addicting Games.

Familiar Mechanics, Bright Design

There are many serpent-based toys. For example, the Google Snake Game. It focuses on collecting dots and growing. But it’s meant for one player. If you take, it’s much closer to the challenge we’re talking about. Do you have experience with it? Then you already know the basics of the Little Big Snakes title.

You’ll be a tiny worm at first. But it’ll change quickly once you start crawling around and eating. Control your animal with a mouse or touchpad and head directly at things to munch.

These include:

  • Dots (shiny and static). They are the most common food out there
  • Bubbles (round, with eyes and of different colors). They generate bonuses. For example, a jumpy one grants you extra speed
  • Insects (ladybugs, green myriapod-like creatures). They are rather shy and will try to avoid your teeth. Some can fly. The only way of catching is by attacking from their back

You will never feel lonely in the arena. Actually, you’ll compete with numerous rivals: a big snake, a little snake, a middle-sized one… It makes the struggle for survival as heated as ever!

Especially when killing each other is the fastest way to grow. But it’s forbidden to attack head one. It will actually destroy you and give your enemy all you’ve accumulated. The mechanics of this snakes game are slightly different. It’s vital to be cleverer instead: make them hit your body! And munch what’s yours. Just learn to maneuver perfectly to cut in other’s paths without hurting yourself.

Powering Up Your Snake game Achievements

Powering Up Your Snake game AchievementsAs a newcomer, you’ll probably be eaten right after appearing in the arena. And it’s ok because you’re getting accustomed to the new gaming environment. Try the mechanics first. See how your small snake obeys your orders, how fast it grows, etc. And here are some additional tips that will make your performance way more advanced:

  1. The best way to kill bubbles is by circling them. Make your body move around your prey, and don’t forget to collect a bonus they drop
  2. Hold Space to speed up. It is useful in some situations. For example, when a ladybug is starting to fly up. You’ll have only a couple of seconds to snatch it. Warning: don’t use it for too long. Otherwise, the act will start draining your points, and you’ll lose your size
  3. It’s allowed to cross your own tail. And when you’re bigger, keep close to your body. If there is a trap, you can always escape the same way you’ve come

If you’re tired of guiding your creature, give it freedom! Tap A in your to turn on the Autopilot. Your serpent will become a bot. It’ll collect food and avoid traps. You can leave your device on its own for a bit to make tea. Or just observe your pet’s progress.

However, it doesn’t mean other players won’t be able to kill you. There is a chance a skilled opponent will find a way to outperform the AI-driven character. If you want to regain control, tap the same button again.

Big Little Snake – A Vast Arena To Roam And Modes For More Fun

Big Little Snake - A Vast Arena To Roam And Modes For More FunThe map is a huge world in which you control your big/little snake. Based on a top-down perspective, you’ll see everything from above. There are lots of terrain features to make the adventure more interesting to enjoy. First of all, some obstacles will easily end you. For example, mountains will kill you if you bump into them.

Secondly, use the environment to your advantage. For instance, if you want to go faster, you don’t have to press A. Just jump into the river and swim swiftly on its surface!

Little games like this one are based on short-term sessions. You dive in, become bigger, earn coins and enjoy the adventure. Once you’re out, crawl to your lair. There is a shop, an evolution section, etc.

All this is necessary for getting better skins, superpowers, and so on. After you achieve Level 10, you can buy and improve your pet. For example, a bug Armadillo helps you grow faster from nectar. Water Carrier prolongs the activity time of any bonus you pick up.

To make the challenge even more interesting, the developers offer a variety of modes. Here are some of them:

1. Cooperation. You don’t have to be alone in this mayhem. Share a link with friends and invite them in. The coolest part is that you can’t destroy allies. Work together to trap enemies. And when you need it, slither over your pals without hurting yourself! You’ll always recognize them because they’ll have the same skin color

2. Rebel. You can’t turn this mode on when you please. Instead, gain enough mass (100K) and high rank to become a threat to the Snake King. The royal creature will call you a rebel and order other players to kill you. You’ll be marked red on the map: everyone will head in your direction. While you hold this title, you get a reward. However, others will also be inspired to take you down and get paid for it

3. Observer. Tired of navigating your serpent? Then relax and watch others struggle for survival. You’ll follow one of the players unnoticed. It’s extremely useful for beginners. Watch others in action, adopt their tactics and learn from their mistakes

The Ultimate Goal Of The Challenge

This little big snake game doesn’t have a plot. It ties you to itself solely by the growing mechanics. Crawl around, avoid death and gain mass. It grants you riches and better titles. You’ll start as a Newbie at the bottom of the rank board. Your goal is a Prince, the 10th level, and a huge beast.

But be careful: in such games, a snake is more fragile than you think. One second is enough to bring you down. Mastery and skill are the real drivers here. And the key to becoming the best. So, practice more, soak up efficient ways to deal with enemies, and work out strategies.

Big Snake Little Game – Maximum Score

Big Snake Little Game - Maximum Score

How far is it possible to go on in the adventure? According to the developers, the highest possible score is over 175 million. However, it’s very hard to get. You need to weigh a lot, collect 10 medals, destroy lots of bubbles and achieve other goals.

Just have a look at this Lil Big Snake player. This huge steel-colored serpent died having 3 million scores behind its back!

Attention: the more you get, the more desperate you feel when someone outperforms you.

But it’s very possible to get even more than that. This game snake challenges you to do better than your previous results. As well as outsmart your opponents! Write down your scores to track your progress in the arena.

Skills To Learn While Playing At Little Snake Big Snake

Spending time with little snakes seems like a useless activity. But the challenge offers you more than it is seen on the surface:

1. Entertainment when bored. At school or work, there are moments when you just need to unwind. A couple of minutes in the arena will help you reset your mind. You’ll be more efficient in your everyday activities and more inspired to find out-of-the-box solutions

2. Improved reaction. Sometimes, a millisecond can save you from danger. Your brain and fingers train to work better. The adventure is a great exercise for that

3. Better focus. You have to concentrate to achieve substantial results. The title forces you to do it. Otherwise, you’ll get defeated really fast. And trust us: this skill is vital in real life

4. Strategy thinking. When you face a challenge, you turn on your brain to adapt to the difficulty. It’s not a thoughtless process. On the contrary! You think several moves ahead to avoid traps and bring others to a deadlock

If you want to enjoy this and other crazy games unblocked, you have 2 solutions. If such content is forbidden where you study or work, use a VPN. Or find special websites that can bypass restrictions and offer unlimited entertainment.

Summing Up

There is no doubt that the snake online challenge has great potential. Its developers keep creating new features that make it up-to-date and fun to enjoy.

Do you feel like joining a huge community?

Play snake mayhem from different devices. There is a title for browsers and smartphones. You can download the mobile version for Android or iPhone systems.

And if you become a dedicated fan, check out their cool merch items on Facebook.

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