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Snake Arcade – There are games that are well-known among several generations of players. One such example is the snake game arcade. It became so popular it evolved into a whole new sub-genre. What is special about maneuvering a small cellular serpent?

In this article, we discover the history of development, multiple game variations, and interesting tricks. Read along to become an expert on the topic!

Lucky Snake Arcade Game Description

The main idea of the Snake Arcade game is to eat apples and avoid obstacles. Such as walls and the serpent’s own body which grows in size as you proceed. In the beginning, it’s only a three-square formation moving around the screen. However, at a certain moment, the tail becomes so long it’s getting difficult to maneuver. And that’s when players start applying various tactics.

We explore them further, as they’re a vitally important element of the arcade snake game. In order to win, one has to play until there’s no more space to grow.

The main distinction between this version and the classics is the way it looks. Colorful and bright, yet still 2D images make it pleasant to play. The modern design seems to be more catchy and engaging.

As developers state, the game is endless. On the one hand, it doesn’t seem very inspiring for those who like setting records. That is, you can play for ages without completing it. On the other hand, you don’t get bored!

Lucky Snake Arcade Game Description

In the process, users can see a few indicators on the screen. Firstly, it shows one’s current scores. Right next to it, you see your time. So it’s easy to note how much you’ve been playing. The third thing is your best score. This serves as a motivational sign which causes a desire to beat your own record.

Unfortunately, Arcade’s global community isn’t so big at the moment. It refers to the updated version you see in the Google store. So there are no official statistics on the world record. However, you can lead your own history of records, trying to play better every day.

History and Renditions

Gremlin InteractiveThe first prototype of the Classic Snake game was called Blockade. It was developed by Gremlin Int. in 1976. There was some difference between that version and what we commonly play today. It was designed for two users and had a monochromatic look. The arcade snake would leave a trail on the field on each turn. In order to win, it was necessary to last the longest without hitting any obstacles.

Two years later, the first snakes arcade for home computers was programmed. It was named Worm. In 1982, the Snake Byte came out as another variation. The single-player featured a snake that crawled around devouring apples to accomplish the level. In the process, it grew longer after eating each item.

Among many other snake games, in 1992 there was an interesting version called Rattler Race. The familiar gameplay included enemy ophidians.

As for later interpretations of the snake game, the multiplayer appeared in 2016. It had many clones, such as Snake io that was launched around the same time.

The next year, gamers had one of the most well-known remakes. It was the Snake Arcade by Google. Initially, this was just a remastered copy of the original in a new design. However, as its popularity grew, it evolved into an entirely different gaming product.

Nowadays, the Google Arcade Snake can collect apples in more than 10 distinctive modes. Each of them presents its own unique challenges. Besides, the Google Snake Arcade allows players to choose the speed and board sizes. There are also 3 various multi options along with a blender mode. It provides an opportunity to try individual mode combinations of the snake Google arcade.

In 2019, the corporation introduced an April Fool’s present based on the Google Snake game. The programmers decided to change the serpent’s environment. It went to explore different cities on Google Maps. Players could observe famous places and pick up tourists as their transport grew in size.

Compared to all previous renditions, this one acquired a new quality. It turned out to be both amusing and educational. This variation of the Snake Google game is available to everyone up to this day.

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Tips and Tricks

If you’re eager to play the snake game like a pro, a few things are required. First of all, the more you practice, the faster your skill grows. Investing a certain amount of time into it regularly is an essential part of learning. Besides, it’s good to spend some time watching others play. Chances are you’ll find some valuable techniques or approaches. Learn from them, repeat, discard the inefficient tactics, and thus improve your manner of play.

Other than that, there are common things every snake fan should know. They are tested by generations of users and can be quite helpful.

Here they are:

1. Stick to the screen’s edge. If you move along the walls, a lot of free space remains within. This is a highly practical way to locate the snake’s body, especially when it’s long. Another benefit of using this strategy is the prevention of hitting the walls. This way you can decrease your risks and easily navigate the area.

2. Move in zigzags. It is one of the most important methods you should learn and apply. Once the snake is too lengthy to maneuver, start zigzagging your route. This is a great way to slow the snake down and win some time. In addition, it generates more free space which is crucial.

3. Master maneuvering. Whatever version of the game you choose, it’s essential to deal with sharp turns skillfully. Learn to act quickly when the space is small and there’s no time to think. The more accurate your moves are, the higher your chances to win. So pay special attention to this aspect in your training.

4. Don’t hurry up. Beginners often have a tendency to grab the apples as soon as they pop up. But it’s not the best option. First of all, you need to position the snake so that it doesn’t block itself. Think through your trajectory on the field, and then go for the treat. Don’t create extra obstacles on your path by doing ill-considered turns. After all, you only have one life in the game. So be patient and deliberate.

What You Can Learn from Arcade Snake

What You Can Learn from Arcade SnakeAlthough it may seem just entertainment, the Snakegame is actually beneficial in many ways. Have you ever thought it could be a helping hand in education? Did you think of it as a tool that can drastically increase your mental capacity? Let’s discover what influence it has on our minds and behavior.

1. In order to successfully proceed in the game, it’s necessary to assess the surrounding area. Players should find the safest or the shortest route to a point. This comes as a great opportunity to work on one’s spatial awareness. You learn to plan ahead within limited periods of time.

2. One of the Snake’s specific features is its tail growing so long it hinders you. There are many games on the web that can educate on various life skills. However, it’s a rare thing to find one teaching about long-term planning and strategic thinking. Meanwhile, this activity shows what it’s like to deal with the consequences of your actions. So you should look for the optimal way to move along the map.

3. Players have to be patient if they want to win. Besides, a cool head is required since sooner or later you inevitably lose. Crashing into your own tail after reaching a high level can be truly frustrating. These valuable qualities will be of great help. In addition, they may benefit you later in other aspects of life.

4. Once you spend some time playing, a few things become obvious. And even if we already know them, it’s always good to have a reminder. The essential point of Snake is you don’t get things right on your first try. Secondly, practice makes perfect. It refers to mastering any new skill.

5. What about practical and physical abilities? Crawling around and eating apples on a regular basis improves one’s reaction and coordination. If you don’t make the right move at the right moment, the game is over.

6. All of the things mentioned above are applicable to children. They will unintentionally absorb useful experiences that can be successfully applied in later years. Learning vital life lessons wrapped in a funny activity is the best form of education!

7. Last, but not least is stress release. After all, it’s not just about getting better and developing something. As you play, your brain produces endorphins which lead to relaxation. Thus, the body also benefits from the game.


If you really like Snake and play it often, mastery will inevitably come. Besides, there are additional positive outcomes. Therefore, this game perfectly combines practical value and an amusing aspect. What a great activity to add to your routine!

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